How to Register


Updated September 1, 2021

Each year, Iskwelahang Pilipino offers 13 lessons to enrolled students plus 4-6 events for students, their families, and the broader IP community. Registration is now open, but space is limited. Priority will be given to local area families and IP community members:

  • Returning IP Families
  • New families living in New England
  • Past IP members near and far — alumni, alumni parents, volunteers and their children

Deadline: To be included on IP Opening Day, IP must receive your 1) online form, 2) tuition, and 3) registration paperwork by Friday, September 24. We will continue to accept students until classes are full. If necessary, we will start a wait list and inform parents of the situation.

Modest Tuition Increase

IP has continued serving our community throughout the pandemic, despite the loss of our most important annual fundraiser for two consecutive summers — our popular Philippine Food Booth at the Lowell Folk Festival. Tuition has remained low, because it is heavily subsidized by proceeds from our fundraising efforts. This year, to defray the cost of technology, credit card/PayPal and postage fees, we have increased tuition by $10 for the first student only. This change applies to both the School-Age Children’s Program (IP Sundays) and Rondalla Music Instruction. At the regular tuition rates, the first student is now $80. Tuition for the second student remains $60, third student $50. Additional students are still free.

Note to Returning Families: Welcome back! If you reserved a spot for your child(ren) at graduation, we are holding a spot for your family. However, you must still complete the registration steps below.

Begin the registration process at your convenience by following the steps below. Contact with questions.



Student registration is not complete until IP receives all paperwork and tuition. You can complete the entire registration online or opt to mail in your tuition check and paperwork after completing the online registration form. Paperwork and tuition must be received by the Friday before the next IP session for students to be included in the class.

CHECKLIST: Before you begin, you will need the following:

  • Adults – Parent/Guardian Name and contact info. For family membership, you will need the same info for all adults residing in your household.
  • Children – Name, age/grade, and allergy info for children age 3-18
  • Devices – Some familiarity with all devices your family can use to connect to classes via Zoom


  1. COMPLETE THE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM IN ONE SITTING. If you exit the form before completing it, the information may not be saved. Do not switch to another app or you may be returned to the beginning of the form. Be sure to click “submit” at the end.
  2. Submit tuition payment by check or online. See payment options listed below.
  3. Submit completed registration paperwork via email or regular mail. See below for how to submit. Download, complete, sign, and submit the following documents. These links are provided again at the end of this form.

Please review the following documents with your family:

Payment Options

  • Check – Make a check payable to “Iskwelahang Pilipino” and mail it to Iskwelahang Pilipino at 12 Mudge Way, Bedford MA 01730. Please note your family name and school and/or rondalla tuition in memo.
  • PayPal – Send payments directly to IP (@ipbahay), click the button above or visit Please note your family name and school and/or rondalla tuition in memo.
  • Credit or Debit Card Online – Coming soon.

Options for Submitting Paperwork

  • Email an encrypted PDF, followed by a SEPARATE email with the password to Erica Stearns (Board Secretary) at
  • Mail your paperwork and tuition check to Iskwelahang Pilipino at 12 Mudge Way, Bedford MA 01730.

Questions? Send an email to


We are pleased to have a special offer for family membership again this year! Choose Option A or B for your family. Pay Rondalla Fees separately, if applicable. Rondalla payment information is in the next section below.

Option A – Full Tuition for School Age Children’s Program (PreK-Gr12)
Fees: $80 one student, $140 two students, $190 three or more students 
If you choose to pay regular tuition rates, your generous support will fund IP programs, especially this year’s pandemic-related needs. Your household will receive the benefits offered in Option B, described below.

Option B – Special Offer IP Family Membership (Age 3-99+)
ees: $80 flat rate for everyone living in your household (with or without children enrolled)
IP Family Membership, is open to all households. This year, IP Family Membership includes access to IP programs for everyone living in your household at the flat rate of $80. This includes enrollment in the IP Sunday School Age Children’s Program for children ages 3-18. (Rondalla instruction is an additional fee.) Also included are discounts for public programs and priority/early registration for events with limited capacity. Family members must be listed on the online registration form to be included.


Returning Students Only
Fees: $80 one student, $140 two students, $190 three or more students
Rondalla instruction is a separate fee from the Children’s Program and registration is open to both children and adults. In the interest of safety during the pandemic, Rondalla activities will comply with IP’s COVID-19 protocols. Instructional classes will be offered online. There will be an in-person, outdoor individual assessment at the beginning of the year. Contact for more information.

What does this mean for you?

  • Only returning students will be admitted this year. New beginners require hands-on instruction. We are also raising funds for new loaner instruments. We look forward to welcoming new beginners once IP reopens for in-person classes.
  • Returning students will still be able to learn and grow this year with family support, independent practice, and lessons online with your teacher.
  • We’ll get creative with performing ensemble rehearsals! Stay tuned for more details.


Before classes begin, please take the following steps:

* These items are being updated for remote classes. Check back later this week for updates to these links.