Areas of Study

Through our Areas of Study, we strive to provide our students age-appropriate opportunities and lessons about the Philippines and Filipino-Americans. Students are divided into Binhi, Ilang-Ilang, Sampaguita, Bonifacio, and Rizal class groups based on age. Our Areas of Study are divided into the three categories below: courses for all students, Ate/Kuya combined classes, and courses only for our upper school students.

For All Class Groups:

Buhay Pinoy (“Filipino Life”)

During Buhay Pinoy, students learn about Filipino culture and gain language exposure through activities, discussion, and creative expression via crafts, songs, games, role-playing, interacting with class visitors, and more!


Within Dance Class, students learn traditional folk dances and gain the skills and confidence to perform at the annual New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA)’s Festival and our own Dance Recitals! Our Dance Recitals include an annual Christmas Performance Show and our end of year Graduation Ceremony.


In Music Class, students gain exposure to Filipino folk, traditional, and contemporary music and instruments.

Ate/Kuya Combined Classes:

Respectively, Ate and Kuya translate to older sister and older brother. In Ate/Kuya Combined Classes, lower school students are paired into groups with our upper school students to complete activities together. Ate/Kuya Combined Classes provide tremendous benefits to all of our students. Alongside our volunteer teachers, our Bonifacio and Rizal students gain leadership experience while supporting our younger students. Simultaneously, our lower school students gain exposure to more advanced lessons under the guidance of their Ates and Kuyas.

Arts & Crafts

In Arts & Crafts, students make native Filipino crafts and props/accessories for our performances. For example, around the holiday season our students create Parol (Christmas Lanterns) which we display during our Christmas Performance Show. During Ate/Kuya Arts & Crafts Classes, students may also cook simple ethnic foods together!

Palarong Pambata

We introduced playing through sports and traditional Filipino games to our students in 1997! Formerly known as Palaro Olympics, Palarong Pambata is our version of physical education! Students play traditional Filipino games such as sipa, patintero, luksong tinik, and tumbang preso. During Palaro Olympics, students compete in teams (Pula, Puti, Bughaw, and Dilaw – respectively translating to Red, White, Blue, and Yellow) which helps foster team spirit and cooperation while they develop an appreciation for the simplicity of Pilipino life.

For Upper School Students Only:

Filipino-American Experience

Introduced to our upper school students in 2009, the Filipino-American Experience Class is the best of both worlds! This class is a student-centered exploration of the rich 400+ year history and current experience of Filipinos in America.

Lutuan (“Cooking”)

During Lutuan, our upper school students learn to prepare and cook Filipino dishes and learn Filipino culinary methods. Annually, we host a Cook-Off between students similar to Food Network’s Chopped!