Class Fees & Registration

Our Class Fees & Registration information are subject to change each academic year. Each year, we offer approximately 12-13 lesson days and 4-6 additional special events.

Registration Process

We offer open enrollment throughout the year. But, in order to gain the full benefit from our programs, we recommend that all students start when we open in September. We encourage parents of continuing students to register their children at the end of the school year for the following academic year. Registering early helps jumpstart preparations for the succeeding year.

Information Required for Registration

  • Adults: Parent/Guardian name(s) and contact information. For family membership, you will need the same information for all adults residing in your household.
  • Children (Age 3-18): Student’s name, age, grade level, and allergy information.
  • Emergency Contact Information: The emergency contact must be an individual other than a parent/guardian.

Steps for Registration

  1. Complete our Online Registration Form – in one sitting. If you exit the form before completing it, the information may not save properly.
  2. Submit your tuition payment(s).
  3. Submit your completed registration paperwork. This includes our Consent and Release Agreement and a state-required IP CORI Form for volunteers and parents. For the CORI Form, you must show your driver’s license for verification.

In order to gain access to our Online Registration Form, Class Fees, and registration paperwork, you must contact us.


In the unlikely event that a class group becomes full, we will put your student on the waitlist and a member of our IP Board will notify you via email.

Registration Fees

Iskwelahang Pilipino charges a minimal registration fee that covers only a small portion of the expenses associated with running the School Age Children’s Program and our extracurricular activities. Donations, grants, generous family participation, and our fundraising efforts cover a majority of our operating expenses.

We publish registration fees at the start of each academic year. Each additional child in a family may enroll at a discounted rate. A family’s fourth child, and additional children, may enroll for free. If you need any assistance making the annual registration financially accessible, please feel free to contact us.

Payment Options

  • In-Person (Preferred Method):
  • Online:
    • You can send payments directly to IP (@ipbahay) through our PayPal.
    • Please note your family name and reason for payment (ex: “school tuition” or “rondalla tuition”) in the memo.
  • Mail a Check:
    • Checks must be made payable to “Iskwelahang Pilipino.”
    • Our mailing address is: Iskwelahang Pilipino at 12 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA  01730.
    • Please note your family name and reason for payment (ex: “school tuition” or “rondalla tuition”) in the memo.

Extracurricular Program Fees

Rondalla Registration

The IP Rondalla Program classes require an additional registration fee per student. Rondalla Registration Fees follow the same structure as our School Age Children’s Program as each additional member in a family may enroll at a discounted rate. A family’s fourth member, and additional members, may enroll for free.

We welcome children and parents alike to join our rondalla! Students may register for the rondalla at the beginning of each school year. Eligibility requirements for new rondalla students can be found here.

Dance Performance Group Registration

Participation in the IP Dance Performance Group requires an additional fee per participating family. We welcome all students who attend regular IP dance classes to join our Dance Performance Group! Prior dance experience is not necessary. 

Lowell Service Program Fee

As a majority of our operating expenses are covered by our fundraisers, registered families who do not fulfill the service requirement at our Lowell Folk Festival food booth will face a service fee per family. This helps ensure that we can continue offering our resources and programs to the community.

Iskwelahang Pilipino music instructors at registration day.
IP Music Instructors on our 2019 Registration Day!