Crossing Over

Since it’s founding, the IP Rondalla has performed in numerous colleges and folk festivals throughout the east coast of the US.  It has made several successful tours of the Philippines and Europe. The rondalla is just one of the successful programs to have arisen from the Iskwelahang Pilipino of Boston.

The group is novel for many reasons, the most striking of which is that it is comprised primarily of second generation Pilipino Americans who have come to appreciate their cultural heritage. The folk music here is not just a compilation of memories from the homeland, but a link between parents and children as well. Hopefully, it is just the first of many such recordings to be made by the generations to come.


  1. Pastores Overture
  2. Kalesa

  3. Bella Filipina
  4. Magandang Juaning
  5. Ti Ayat
  6. Maglalatik
  7. Polka Bol
  8. Kalatong
  9. Subli
  10. Binasuan
  11. Tinikling
  12. Lulay
  13. Aswang
  14. Paru-Parung Bukid
  15. Pobreng Alindahao
  16. Filiipina
  17. Sa Kabukiran