IP Dance Performance Group

The IP Dance Performance Group is a new extracurricular program that started in 2021, to supplement regular IP dance classes, for students who want to learn more folk dancing. Since its establishment, the IP Dance Performance Group has performed at several festivals, exhibits, and cultural events across Massachusetts. Recently, this group has performed at: the Mary Baker Eddy Library’s Annual One World in Boston, Asian American Day Festival at the Boston Common, the Canton Folk Festival, and the Umbrella Art Center as a pre-show performance before Middleton Heights.

Dance Repertoire

Currently, students in our Dance Performance Group can perform the following dances:

RuralTinikling, Binasuan, Sakuting, Pandanggo Oasiwas
MindanaoVinta, KiniKini/Katsu, Pangalay, Malong
LumadPansak Si Laley, Madal Tahaw, Tahing Baila, Dugso

If you are interested in booking our Dance Performance Group for an event, please contact us!


We welcome all students who attend regular IP dance classes to join our Dance Performance Group! Prior dance experience is not necessary.

Beginner/Intermediate Group

The Iskwelahang Pilipino Dance Performance Group dancing Tinikling at the Mary Baker Eddy Library's One World.
Students in the Intermediate level of the IP Dance Performance Group dancing Tinikling at the Mary Baker Eddy Library’s One World.

Our Beginner/Intermediate Group consists of students typically ages 6 to 10 and are our training group! Here, we start with the basics of dances for beginners. Once the student reaches an intermediate level and are comfortable and able to perform the dances, they can start performing with the advanced group.

Advanced Group

Our Dance Performance Group performing Binasuan and Tinikling at the 2023 Asian American Day Festival at the Boston Commons.

Our Advanced Group consists of students typically age 11 and up. These students comprise our core performing group. They are our most well trained dancers who have been dancing folk dance for years at IP.