Beliefs and Philosophy

Families grow stronger when they actively and consistently participate in structured and productive activities together.

Children grow up with a healthy sense of identity when they have the chance to learn about and appreciate their cultural background and heritage.

Young people can develop lasting friendships and support systems through positive shared growing up experiences.

 Communities become stronger when they work toward a meaningful goal. 

Parent reinforcement of IP lessons at home has a positive impact on a child’s cultural development.

Exploration and celebration of one’s cultural heritage instills a sense of ethnic pride and sensitivity to other cultures.

 Filipino community politics and interpersonal conflicts should not be allowed to interfere with a student’s experience at IP.

 Strengthening IP strengthens our community.

Cultural explanation should involve all the senses and incorporate movement, music, language, storytelling and art.

Our community extends to students, parents, families, alumni, volunteers and supporters of IP.



We believe that an understanding, appreciation and acceptance of one’s cultural background and heritage will help towards preventing an identity crisis in the student’s future years.  Involving children, their parents and their peers actively and consistently in structured, productive activities which work towards the same goals and aspirations results in family bonding and lasting friendships.

Parent initiative and involvement have always been IP’s cornerstone, as well as the driving force behind its many years of existence, and should be strongly encouraged to continue.  Their support and reinforcement of classroom lessons at home and in the community show that they value the school goals and will have an impact on their child’s cultural development.

Students blossom under IP’s varied cultural offerings so that they remember the school fondly long after they leave it.   IP gives them reasons to celebrate and be proud of their ethnicity and therefore, makes them want to share their pride in their culture with others but at the same time develop sensitivity to other cultures.