Parent Participation

We require parent participation in school activities. As a key component of our Philosophy, we rely on parent participation to continue providing for our community.

Parent participation requirements are as follows:

  • Ensure that their children attend sessions regularly and on time. Whenever parents and/or their children miss a session, parents should contact the IP Secretary and Executive Director to get updated information on any assignments, schedules, or activities.
  • Ensure that their children make up for missed class work and rehearsals. Children should schedule time with someone to practice with, in order to catch up and be able to participate at the final performance.
  • Reinforce lessons at home. Parents should be aware of the subject being covered in class by observing or looking through school material given to our students in order to help the teachers with the lessons.
  • Provide snacks for the students, teachers, and parents at designated Merienda times.
  • Assist in keeping our school building and classrooms clean and orderly.
  • Assist in in our Fundraising Activities, such as our Lowell Folk Festival Food Booth, Caroling Performances, and other Special Events.
  • Assist staff as teacher’s aides, and carry out both curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Encourage other parents to join and publicize the school’s activities to friends and colleagues.