Mission & Goals

The mission of IP is to strengthen Filipino American children, families and community by celebrating the rich Philippine cultural heritage in a structured and nurturing environment.

As part of this mission, we seek to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop in Filipino American children a strong positive ethnic identity and instill pride in the student’s cultural heritage.

  • Promote better relationships between the children and their parents through the understanding and appreciation of the Filipino and American value system.

  • Foster a sense of group ethnic awareness and to promote friendships among the children.

  • Develop awareness of the choices possible for conducting one’s life through evaluation and selection of the “the best of both worlds”.

  • Develop a sense of community among Filipino American residents in the Greater Boston area through understanding and acknowledgement of their common linguistic and cultural heritage.

  • Heighten the consciousness of New Englanders about the existence in their midst of an important Asian ethnic group.