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You can meet and find the contact information for our IP Board of Directors here.

Social Media

Find our community on Facebook! Reach our official Instagram Page, @ipbahayboston!

Public Performances and Event Booking

Public performances help spread awareness of our culture and community, while proceeds help fund our school and activities!

Please fill our Performance Booking Inquiry Form here! You may fill out this form for any of our three performance groups below – combinations of them are possible as well!

Our IP Rondalla

Iskwelahang Pilipino Rondalla at PEER Servants Concert for Global Empowerment in 2018.
Our Rondalla performing at the 2018 PEER Servants Concert for Global Empowerment.

For additional inquiries about our Rondalla, please contact our Rondalla Program Email.

Our IP Carolers

Iskwelahang Pilipino Carolers at Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital in New England during 2019.
Our Carolers after their 2019 performance at Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital in New England.

Please note our Carolers only perform during the first three weeks in December.

Our IP Dance Performance Group

Iskwelahang Pilipino Dance Performance Group at the 2023 Mary Baker Eddy Library's One World.
Our Dance Performance Group performing Tinikling at the 2023 Mary Baker Eddy Library’s One World.

Book Our Educational Content

Our volunteer teachers can provide an introductory lesson about the Philippines at local schools, summer camps, community events, and more! Topics available include: an overview of the Philippines (how to get there, the climate, etc.), traditional Filipino clothing, Filipino music, and an introduction to traditional Filipino dance.

Recently, our volunteer teachers taught at Lieutenant Job Lane School (Bedford, MA) for their Heritage Day on May 26, 2023! This included three rotations of an approximately hour long session in which students saw an interactive presentation about the Philippines, tried on traditional Filipino clothing, touched a banduria, and learned basic Tinikling moves.

Fill our our Educational Content Inquiry Form if you are interested in having our volunteer teachers share information about the Philippines with your group!

Be a Vendor at Our Tiangge

Joining our Tiangge is an amazing opportunity to have your business or organization recognized by our community! We happily welcome businesses, non-profit organizations, and “momtrepreneurs” to vend at Tiangge!

Fill out our Tiangge Vendor Form if you are interested in reserving a vendor table.

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