Rondalla Performances and Tours

We proudly have Rondalla Performances and Tours throughout each year since the IP Rondalla’s founding in 1986.

Local and Regional Public Performances

The Iskwelahang Pilipino Rondalla performing at the Boston Globe Travel Show in 2017.
The IP Rondalla performing at The Boston Globe Travel Show in 2017.

Local performances provide our students with opportunities to perform outside of the immediate IP community, while also raising public awareness of the Filipino community and culture. Rondalla students in the Talindaw Class typically perform in smaller-scale performances with our IP Carolers! Our Rondalla Ensemble (Kundiman Class) does the larger scale performances and has regularly performed at Northeastern University, Boston College, Brown University, Vassar College, and the Mary Baker Eddy Library.

The IP Rondalla regularly performs at local colleges, folk festivals, galas, and Filipino American events representing Filipino culture at multi-cultural events, raising awareness of Filipino-Americans and the Philippines, and bringing the nostalgia of familiar folk music from the homeland to Filipino expatriates.

International Tours

The IP Rondalla on PTV Philippines in 2013 during their Third Concert Tour of the Philippines.

In addition to local and regional performances, the IP Rondalla periodically goes on international concert tours and trips. These tours not only promote the art of rondalla, but also provide our rondalla members with opportunities to act as ambassadors for IP and interact with Filipinos in the Philippines, Europe, and Canada. In order to participate in an international rondalla tour, our rondalla students must audition for the trip.

Our Rondalla Ensemble’s Tours include:

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