2018 Graduates

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May, 20, 2018,  John Glenn Middle School, Bedford, MA

Iskwelahang Pilipino closed its 42nd year of operation with another heartwarming ceremony showcasing the Rondalla recital, dance performances from the annual NEFFA festival, Class presentations (“I am a Pilipino-American” by the Ilang-Ilang group, “Chikading” by Binhi class, “Nipa Hut” song by Sampa/Bonifacio group). The Senior presentations (“Ang Pagong at Matsing” paper cut story by Ceci Villasenor; “the Seniors” slide presentation by Donny Deking; and a “My Way” rendition by Parker Fisher) followed with an eclectic mix revealing their nostalgic presence at IP.

After the presentations, we honored six graduates: Lizzie Clarkson, Donny Deking, Parker FIsher, Jaenald Javier, Hollie Lane-Smith, Ceci Villasenor. They each roasted each other with touching introductions.

At the end of the ceremony, IP witnessed the “passing the baton” leadership.The community thanked Bebs Sipin for her service as Executive Director. She handed the proverbial “baton”, a symbolic clip board, to Myra Liwanag (an alum, mother, and wife of Paul Castro, another IP alum).

Of course behind every great woman is her man. We also thanked Jondi Sipin for his devotion to IP as the Lutuan volunteer teacher, the chef-BBQ master at Lowell and many other technical contributions to IP.

Salamat to all the volunteer teachers and staff who’s passion made IP another great year.

Congratulations and Mabuhay to all!


2017 Graduates

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May 14, 2017, Bedford Massachusetts, It was Mother’s Day, the Spring Nor’easter rains came down in buckets, but the annual closing ceremonies and IP Graduation show still  happened! An exciting IP Sunday at the John Glenn Middle School in Bedford, MA

We sent our best wishes to kuyas and ates: George Bailey, Carsyn Fisher, Janrey Javier, and Katrina Sipin as they leave IP’s home halls and into the bigger academic campuses  of Boston College (George), Fordham University (Carsyn), Umass Boston (Janrey) and Syracuse University (Katrina).

All the best to our seniors!

We will miss you.

Looking forward to seeing you in the summer (Lowell) and  winter (Pasko na naman) breaks.

Come home to us.



February 27, 2017, IP Alum, Sam Oglesby was a contestant on Jeopardy on WBZ-TV (CBS affiliate). Sam is the oldest son of Suzette Oglesby, Bahay Pinoy (Arts and Crafts) volunteer teacher and Jim (IP father and active IP Caroler). The IP community was rooting for Sam who did a brilliant job keeping pace with the other 2 contestants.

Sam told Jeopardy host, Alex Trebec, about how he would pretend to be the TV game show Mr. Trebec when he was younger. He prepared the questions and answers for his family (father, mother and brother, Scott) to play the game.

GO Sam!


2015 Graduates say s’long!

May 17, 2015, Bedford, MA Five graduates said their goodbyes today at IP’s end-of-the-year ceremony at the John Glen Middle School auditorium in Bedford, MA. Bettina Aristorenas will work on her Engineering courses at Cornell University; JR Fadrigalan will also pursue engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology; Gerry Paradela will go to UMass Lowell for his Physical Therapy degree; Nathan Rippin will study at Bryant University for his marketing degree; and Victoria Zuelke will concentrate on the bio-medical field and Mandarin studies at the University of Rhode Island. All graduates traveled the “Rondalla Rocks” 2013 tour in Manila and created a strong bond. We hope their memories will warm their hearts when they get homesick away from the IP Sundays. Good luck and Mabuhay!
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2014 IP Graduates


May 18, 2014, IP Graduation Ceremony

Four graduates leave Iskwelahang Pilipino today and bring with them memories of Sundays filled with bonded friendships, culinary experiences and Pinoy Pride. We say Congratulations to Avigail Deking, Nolen Dube, Sierra Jamir and Julian Umali. We hope you will keep us in your hearts!