WOW Mindanao!


2016-2017 School Theme.

Iskwelahang Pilipino’s school year curriculum for 2016-17 started with a theme called WOW MINDANAO! The school concentrated on the Pilipino culture from the people in Mindanao. At the annual NEFFA (New England Folk Festival) festival in April 2017, each class group will perform a dance from different regions down south. The Ilang-Ilang class will perform a dance about Pomelos called, SUA-KU-SUA, from Jolo; the Sampaguita class will perform the KAPA-MALONG-MALONG , a traditional Maranao dance; the Bonificio group will dance PANGALAY, a Tausug dance from the Sulu Archipelago, and the Rizal group will dance the KATSUDORATAN, the royal manner of walking from Lake Lanao.

The children were also taught how to play instruments from the south: the kulintang (set of gongs), the gabbang (wooden xylophone), the agung (gong) and dabakan (drum) by Christi-Anne Castro, (IP Alum and Music Director of the IP Rondalla Ensemble) who visited and taught for a day. Christi-Anne flew in from Michigan where she is a faculty member (Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology) at the University of Michigan’s School of Music.


Lutuan Cook-off

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December 4, 2016 IP’s first Lutuan cook-off. IMG_9044

6 teams. Winners all.
One stand out competitor was thinking-out-of-the-box! White chocolate champorado with bacon bits (salty & sweet), rice crispies (texture) and “chocNuts” sprinkles (novelty). Innovative. Thoughtful. Well played.

Other yummy entries included a complete Tapsilog Breakfast, Lumpia, Ensaymada and Mamon. Congratulations to all the chefs!

We’re 40 and We’re FABulous!

Bedford, MA, May 29, 2016, Bedford High School Auditorium.

IP turned 40. For the Anniversary celebration, IP mashed up contemporary American pop hits to traditional Filipino folk dances on the first half of the show. IP Rondalla also celebrated its 30th birthday with a Bicol Epic called, The Ibalon.

Photos by Charlie Castro and Patricia Yusah

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Barnes & Noble

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Burlington, MA

Barnes & Noble, the ultimate destination for book lovers (and more) will host Iskwelahang Pilipino (IP) at the Burlington store (98 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA- off route 128) for an afternoon of Philippines Music and dance. This fundraising effort is for the school’s 40th Anniversary celebration.
When you check out, please use the voucher ID  (11829249) at the register this Sunday, IP will get credit for the purchase. Win-win!

The IP children will perform with indigenous string instruments (Rondalla), sing popular-Taglish-themed songs and dance a few folk steps to the delight of book shoppers.

Bring the family, friends and music-lovers…shoppers too will enjoy the rhythm of Pilipino culture, Sunday, April 17, 2016 from 2-4pm.

The Book Fair voucher ID (11829249) can also be used online from April 17 through April 22, 2016. Simply enter the Bookfair ID when checking out online, IP will still get credit for the purchase.

Mabuhay ang IP!

B&N Flyer One

Coloring page


Manila’s multimedia artist, Kankan Ramos creates a beautiful illustration for Iskwelahang Pilipino. To help celebrate IP’s 40th birthday, Ms.Ramos puts together images and words that are significantly important to the community.



NEW school year starts Sunday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2015.
Registration for new and returning families start at 12noon at the Shawsheen Room (aka Cafeteria) at the Bedford Town Cebter.
An assembly/orientation for new parents will follow at 1pm.
Important announcements should not be missed as Iskwelahang Pilipino is celebrating its 40th Anniversary all throughout the year.

At 2pm, the families will gather with a meet and greet session on the second floor at the Union Room.
After merienda at the cafeteria, the children will have short class periods- an introduction to the volunteer teachers and staff.

Thank you for your interest and support!
See you on IP Sunday, September 20, 2015 at noon.
12 Mudge Way, Bedford MA 01730
Bedford Town Center

NEFFA 2015

Mansfield, MA The day/week turned out to be unusually cold for a late Spring week. The 45 degree temps did not hamper the spirits of our dancers who were hot to perform at the annual NEFFA festl This year’s repertoire included ‘Gaway-gaway’ (Ilang-ilang), ‘Sakuting’ (Sampaguita), ‘Pasikat sa bangko’ (Rizal) and ‘Tinikling’ (Bonifacio).

Majority of the Ilang-ilang cast were newbies- it was a joy to see them backstage waiting at the wings with anticipation and raring to get on stage. At the last minute, some of the children pitched in when we lacked clappers for Tinikling and dance partners for Sakuting. It was a proud moment for Tita Marijo, Tita Beth and Tita Patty to see how the older kids eagerly volunteered to be tapped on the last minute. What a team!

Everything turned out perfect. And the performers knew they nailed it. As Tita Michelle observed the last minute instructions at ‘green room’ were heeded…  “nakikinig pala” (they were listening). The Tinikling dancers showed precision at their finale; the Bangko dance was elegantly performed with no falls; the Sakuting dancers did not miss a beat and the Gaway girls and Shem hit it on cue for every step. With photos to show- they all smiled naturally with a gleam of pride and having so much fun. Bravo!

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The Joy of Pabitin

Bedford, MA. If a picture is worth a thousand words- look at these photos – they are worth 6 thousand more ….of joy, of anticipation…..of Pabitin (pronounced pah-bee-teen). Now this is the REAL grab bag.[slideshow_deploy id=’493′]

NEFFA 2014

Mansfield, MA- at the New England Folk Festival’s (NEFFA) annual event this year, the IP children represented the Philippines with dances (salakot, bakya, tinikling and bangko) and costumes to delight of the local audience.[slideshow_deploy id=’464′]

Photos by Charlie Castro